H E L L O! 

I am so honored that you have decided to check out my site! My name is Sarah and I am a 20-something photographer. I am from Dallas, Texas, but am currently living in Washington D.C. 

I believe pictures always turn out the best when the client feels comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera and photographer. Natural, real, and raw beauty translates so deeply into pictures and that's what I want to create for you. I know people are most at-home with those that they are familiar with, so here's a few paragraphs that will hopefully let you see my heart for photography and life. 

Photography has always been a secret joy of mine. I love how photos allow one to reminisce on good memories, cherish good people, and celebrate good blessings. I also believe that the style, colors, and theme of photos are a wonderful way to express your personality, illicit emotions from others, and inspire and move people. It is one of my greatest joys to be behind the lens capturing life's great moment for YOU! 

Some other things:

I also love me a good cup of coffee. I am obsessed with coffee and coffee shops. Like please email me coffee shop recommendations in Dallas and D.C., because I adore finding new places! Once I become a regular coffee shop attendee, all the baristas know my name and I end up trying 80% of the things on the menu. Honestly, no shame. Coffee is the best! Fun fact-my love of coffee was actually part of what inspired the name of my site, read about it on Behind the Name page here.

Finally, thanks to my very special parents and friends for supporting my photography and this site-you are the bestest! And thank YOU, reader, for reading all the way through this! I hope to work with you soon and can't wait to be apart of your story! 

L O V E,