O U R  H O U S E. 

the connotation of the word "house" is a place of belonging, refreshment, shelter, and gathering. I've often felt like I've lacked in these areas. My freshmen year of college, I felt so alone with my anxiety, my doubts, and my fears. I found myself going to the same coffee shop every other day to just sit and work and get some kind of bearing of what I was doing with my life. As the year went on, I got to know the baristas and I felt a sense of productivity, security, and home. When I look back on that coffee shop years later as a college graduate, I become so grateful. God provided me a home when I felt like I had none. That was not the first time God showed up for me when I felt like home wasn't anywhere (it would take me forever to write about all the times He's saved me from that mindset). God has also constantly given me opportunities to meet with others who physically and/or emotionally lack a home. I think He has personally provided this constant theme in my life and specifically encouraged me to find the homeless and welcome them into His home, the same way He has done to me. 

My ultimate dream is that with everything I do I am able to build a safe space for others. I hope that through the my time taking pictures for you that you feel beautiful, valued, cherished, and worthwhile. I pray that my lens can capture the beautiful human that you are! I even hope that you find peace and inspiration looking at this website. My desire is that each picture and blog will allow you to join me in community in this little space on the internet. I wish that our interactions would provide you, reader, with a home; that you would feel belonging, refreshment, shelter, and community in this part of the world God has allowed me to use. Most of all, I pray that you grow to understand that "Our House" is a reflection and celebration of the ultimate home that God has built for us in Heaven. Please know that there is a room for you at Our House and especially in Our Father's House.