I've come to realize that I live in countdowns. 

I am almost always living waiting for the next season of life. In some ways, this gives me strength to keep going in tough times. When school got crazy, I would tell myself to just push through for five more weeks until midterms were over...and then another 5 weeks till finals were over...and then freedom. When summer would come and I would inevitably start to miss my college roommates, the countdown would start again...10 weeks till I see my friends...5 weeks till we can binge eat pizza...just get through three more weeks of this summer job...and so on and on and on. 

Sure, this would help to focus on chunks of life, rather than get overwhelmed by the big picture. Yes, it would allow me to feel less overwhelmed during tough seasons. The thing is, though, almost every season is tough in its own way. 

The more I continue counting down to the next part of my life, the more I realize that the countdowns will never stop. I would hate to get to the end of life and wonder why I spent my whole time counting down how many weeks were left. I've started to slowly change this mindset--I mean, who wants to live their life calculating meaningless numbers?

I do still remind myself that every season is temporary; the bad in a season will not trouble me forever, but the specific blessings of each season can only be reaped once: while in the season.

Here's to resting to the season that I'm in.