My Cup Overflows

You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.- Psalm 23:5b


You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.- Psalm 23:5b

Before I even bought a camera, I was obsessed with reading about and watching photographers on YouTube. I wanted to take in their wealth of photography and business knowledge before I even got my hands on a lens or camera body...I could discuss how much that eagerness to learn helped me in photography, but maybe that's for another post...

Anyway, one of the photographers who helped me and continues to help me learn a lot about photography, spirituality, and healthy living is Jessica Whitaker. Literally, check her out if you just want someone to pour into your life and give you some great tips on this art. I don't know her personally, nor am I benefitting from tagging her on this post, but I do just really love her! 

One of the most recent pieces of wisdom she mentioned in a video is that her "cup" of blessings overflows so much, especially when it comes to photography and that she wants to use this to benefit other photographers. Her photography success is what inspires her to share so much FREE photography education online--to people who may even be her competitors! She feels like God has given her so much that she wants to give it all back to Him by creating solid content for other photographers to benefit from. She directly gives ownership over her blessings to G O D. 

Often times I get focused on praying for my "cup to overflow," as the Bible often uses that analogy to God pouring blessings over us. While it I still pray for blessings, I've started to kind of change my mindset...I've been asking where is my cup overflowing a l r e a d y?

Specifically, where can I use this overflow to bless others? 

I challenge you, also, to ask where God can use you to bless others. How can you give your blessings back to God by blessing His people? No shame in asking your Father for blessings for yourself, but just a thought that we can add this extra concept into our prayers. 

Here are some ways I've seen that God is blessing me and what I can do to give that back to others: 

1. God has helped me understand how to study effectively. I can use this to teach my future students about science and the best ways to learn it. 

2. God has blessed me with friends who are kind enough to help me build websites and support my creative endeavors. I can use this platform to spread knowledge about Him and introduce people to Christ. 

3. God has given me a love of coffee and coffee shops-and money to be able to afford coffee. I can meet with friends and invest in their lives over a cup of coffee. 

Where has God made your cup overflow? How can you give all of that back to Him?