Werk Buddies

Can I take a moment to celebrate one of my very bestest friends? Okay, cool.

Emily Waddell.  

Also known as the founder and owner of The Honest Consumer. The Honest Consumer is a blog that focuses on ethical consumerism. Emily shares the stories of people whose companies are serving some kind of higher purpose to people around the world and helps enable consumers to understand the importance of where they shop. One of the brands she has recently advertised is Terra Thread; this company produces fair trade organic bags and provides employment to a large number of people in India. Mother Erth is another company Emily has featured on her blog. Mother Erth employs low-income mothers in the Philippines and creates bags made from recycled material--with absolutely zero waste. These are just two out of a multitude of brands that Emily has supported and featured. To put it in simple terms, Emily just loves to do good. 

Not only does she do good for ethical brands, but she is also a straight up, G O O D, pure, loving, and kind f r i e n d. 


Emily and I met in 7th grade and have maintained our friendship all the way till now--and we both recently graduated college. That's like 10 years. A whole decade. Throughout the past ten years, she has been a constant source of laughter and joy. She has always been faithful at making plans, keeping in touch, and checking on me (even though I'm a bad texter). She introduced me to a summer camp, Project Transformation, that majorly helped heal my anxiety and give back to the community. She FaceTimed me on my rough days and my good days in college, and continues to consistently give me her amazing pep talks. I don't even have time to be insecure when I'm around Emily. As soon as any negative thought comes out of my mouth, she instantly reminds me that I am a awesome and cool and wonderful. I mean, how awesome and cool and wonderful is she?! 

The biggest way Emily has encouraged me lately is in my photography. She is a like-minded creative that fully believes in my work. She has kindly used many of my photos on her blog and has been a huge advocate of me creating my website. She literally tutored me on how to use the Squarespace website platform and actively supported and checked on my website progress for the past couple of months.

Most of our hangouts involve photography, website building, coffee, laughter, exploration, and long chats about life. I get to be my authentic and whole self with Emily. She knows my heart from every angle--all the creative, fearful, insecure, joyful parts, and she loves me just where I'm at. 


The world of social media and creative businesses like photography, brand blogging, etc. is often competitive and daunting, but Emily and I are lucky enough to have each other to lean on for support and I know that will never change. This summer Emily and her new fiance (whoop) are moving to Seattle, while I am moving D.C. So we're pretty much going to be as far apart as possible while still remaining in the same country. Of course, I'm sad we'll be separated, but I'm also excited for both of us to take our creative endeavors to new cities. I truly don't doubt that nothing will change between us. Coasts apart, we will still FaceTime (probably with coffee in hand) and discuss our businesses, lives, and new adventures. 

P.S. Emily just recently got engaged to the person that is perfect for her (shoutout to Jake) and I get to take their engagement pictures soon! Stay tuned for a blog post featuring them and all their adorableness. Below are a few pictures from hanging out with Jake and Emily last month.